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​Below are some of the Testimonials we have received


Quite possibly the best reflexology I've ever had.

Thanks to all of our wonderful clients and therapists for ensuring we had a fab first year running the Wellbeing Spa at the London Wellbeing Festival. Hundreds of festival-goers visited the spa for a treatment, and one of our delighted clients shared that her reflexology session with Frasser was "quite possibly the best reflexology I've ever had. It was extremely relaxing and felt extremely beneficial. Thank you".

Ria Butler Owner - Soul Stretch Events
Lee Lockett

Outstanding therapist

Frasser is a truly outstanding therapist - he has healing hands. This is a reflexology treatment and so much more.


Amazing touch that just relaxes you immediately

Highly recommend Frasser as he has an amazing touch that just relaxes you immediately .. A very good listener filled with positivity

Monica Fizelle

Identified areas of concern beyond what I told him about...

Frasser is truly a gifted healer. I've had a number of foot reflexology sessions with him. He's identified areas of concern beyond what I told him about. I felt the impact on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

I cannot recommend him strong enough. He has a wonderful demeanor and is very calming. His treatments are gentle which I is perfect for me. Post treatment support is fantastic should you happen to require it. Big THUMBS UP from me.

Liz Findlay

So relaxing and not as 'rough' as other Reflexologists

Frasser is extremely talented and I highly recommend him for reflexology. If a therapist is good, I get tingles around my head and through all the sessions I've had with him, the tingles have been there

It's so relaxing and he's not as "rough" as some other reflexologists I've been to, and still fantastic results. He also picks up on pains I've had/got without me telling him, it's all in the feet!

Karen Health Care Assistant

Not only am I more relaxed...Improvements in my overall health & well being ...

I have been very impressed with all my treatments and have found that not only am I more relaxed, I have noticed a lot of improvements in my overall health and general well being.

I now have less pain in my lower back and hip. It has also made a great deal of improvement to my sciatica, which has nearly gone away after 10 years of pain! I would recommend Frasser to anyone to try a treatment.

Anne-Marie Nurse

Totally helped me with my ailments the last three months.

Fantastic service from a top individual. Frasser is excellent at his job. He has totally helped me with my ailments the last three months. I would highly recommend. A must treatment when looking for alternative options.

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